Our history

   The Angel Baby adventure began back in 2008, when two enthusiasts - Desi and Dimitar - dared to dream.

  We created a brand and we dreamed of conquering the world with it. We chose the name without much originality - we named it Angel, after Dimitar's son, who was then just a baby.

   Many years later, today, Angel is a teenager, and Anton (Dessi's son) is exactly the age of Angel when we initially started.

   We no longer dream of conquering the world ...well, may be just a small part of it ... but we still wake up in the morning eager to go to work ... and we still work with the same diligence and love ...

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   We have always strived to invent and create new products that will change and improve the lives of children and their parents.

   Thus, in 2017 Angel Baby won the most prestigious award in the world of baby and children's goods - Kind und Jugend Innovation Award - in Germany.

   This is our Oscar, our Olympic gold medal ...an award, never before awarded to a company from Central and Eastern Europe.

   My Skin Sensitive is a series of clothes made of special fabric, treated with a natural antibacterial agent - designed to help babies and children with serious skin problems.

   We dream of a time when the My Skin Sensitive clothing line will see the light of day, and the production will become reality ... but we do not dream of selling them ... we dream of giving them free of charge to those who need them ... we dream of alleviating the suffering of thousands of children ... and we dream that this will make for another chapter of SLEEPING BAG WITH A CAUSE!

Our mission

We have always wanted for Angel Baby to be much more than just a product or a label.

We sincerely believe that, as a general rule, in life, "better" does not mean "more", and we have always raised our children accordingly.

This is how and why Angel Baby's initiative "Sleeping Bag with a Cause" was born ... it was a natural continuation of Angel Baby, where each and every purchase you make, has an added meaning: simply put - to do good! 

Our unfair advantage

   Our unfair advantage is that we are the manufacturer. Most companies let someone else produce what they invent, simply because it's easier that way.

   But when you design and physically create your product, you learn to do it better and better. You learn how to tweak things. You learn how to fix flaws. You learn how to master your trade. You learn perfection!

We believe in our people

   A 1940 experiment by The Bethlehem Steel Company was conducted to study how many cast iron blocks can be loaded on a train. On the first day the workers kept loading without any breaks to rest until they had loaded 12.5 tons by noon. After that they were exhausted and could no longer continue working.

   The next day the men worked for 26 minutes and then rested for 34 minutes, basically they rested more than they worked. They managed to load 47 tons - almost 4 times more than the previous day ... contrary to any logic ...

   We are probably the only "sewing" company with a 7-hour working day ...

We believe in quality

   For us, quality is not just about using the best materials. It is the philosophy behind everything we do: the way we take care of our team, how we treat our customers, and how we act and behave as human beings. Last but not least, how we do business on a planet with a limited amount of resources.

   Quality also refers to the design. To design and create something that is desired and appreciated in the long run, is certainly a rare skill. Most things are thrown away after a short period of time, not necessarily because they are damaged, but mostly because we get tired of them ...

   Great products have an essence and a purpose that go beyond their function. The function of a toy is to be played with it. Its essence is to bring joy and fun. Sometimes, we genuinely start to love and get attached to those kind of products. They become our favorites. Yes, we can always buy a new toy. But some things just can't be replaced ...

   Indeed, the quality is highly affected by the materials used. It is the material that we can physically feel with our hands. A good product will last longer when it is made with quality materials. This, of course, is evident! However, this is also something that most manufacturers try to cut corners with. So, maybe, it's not that evident ...

Do one thing well

We produce sleeping bags. That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less. No distractions. Period.

We do not lie to ourselves by thinking that we can be good at everything.

We simply believe that we design and make the best sleeping bags we can. We choose the best cotton fabric from all over Europe, cut it carefully and skillfully and leave the rest to our amazing team and their magical sewing machines to do the rest.

And when someone signs their work, it shows that they are really proud of it ...

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