We have always wanted for Angel Baby to be much more than just a product or a label.

We sincerely believe that, as a general rule, in life, "better" does not mean "more", and we have always raised our children accordingly.

This is how and why Angel Baby's initiative "Sleeping Bag with a Cause" was born ... it was a natural continuation of Angel Baby, where each and every order you place (purchase you make), has an added meaning: simply put - to do good! 

Angel Baby SLEEPING BAG WITH A CAUSE - Chapter One

For each sleeping bag you purchase, we donate another one to maternity wards in Bulgaria.

We have already donated more than 4,000 newborn sleeping bags to more than 45 maternity wards in over 35 cities in Bulgaria.

We can truly say that the majority of the newborns in Bulgaria are welcomed into this beautiful world with an Angel Baby sleeping bag. 

Angel Baby SLEEPING BAG WITH A CAUSE - Chapter Two

Thanks to the purchases of people like you, for Christmas 2018 we were able to donate over 650 warm and cozy sleeping bags to the children living in "Homes for medical and social care" all over Bulgaria.

Angel Baby SLEEPING BAG WITH A CAUSE - Chapter Three

This chapter was made possible thanks to the help of Angel - an avid gamer ...

We donated mobile gaming stations to Children's Wards, specializing in prolonged hospital care,  such as the Children's Ward for Transplantations at Lozenets Hospital, as well as to the children on hemodialysis at Children's Pediatric Hospital, to children with heart disease in III City Hospital and to the Children's Ward of St. Marina "in Varna.

The joy and gratitude in the children's eyes at the sight of the gaming stations will remain with us forever.

Angel Baby SLEEPING BAG WITH A CAUSE - to the little ones with love

For each newborn outfit purchased, we donate another one to the mother of a premature baby.

Already thousands of preemies have left the maternity ward, wearing custom-fitted newborn clothing.

Angel Baby SLEEPING BAG WITH A CAUSE - Chapter Four

For Christmas 2019, we were able to fulfill the wishes of 100 children, who happened to be less fortunate in life. 

Angel Baby SLEEPING BAG WITH A CAUSE - Chapter Five (An extraordinary one)

On March 13, 2020, in the first hours of the declared coronavirus state of emergency, we stopped our production of sleeping bags and started the production of protective masks.

We produced 4,000 three-layer masks, which we donated free of charge to people on the front lines - doctors and police officers - across the country.

A few weeks later, we donated 100 newborn sleeping bags to future parents, who found themselves in difficult times due to the emergency situation.

We hope you will be with us when we open the next chapter of a SLEEPING BAG WITH A CAUSE ... to be continued ...

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